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Adrenaline Course

This obstacle course will change from time to time as new obstacles and fit stations are added to meet the demands of our athletes growth.  The list of obstacles is subject to change, and the rules on how to use the obstacle course will also have to change.  The course was designed to run counter-clock-wise and obstacles should not be attempted in any other direction.


1.  Before going on the course a release of liability form must be signed. All participants are participating at their own risk.

2.  All participants are required to go through a one-time training session with an instructor before they try the course.

3.   When running the course it is recommend to run with at least one other person (buddy-system). If you are by yourself, it is necessary that a staff member be present.

4.  No horsing around on the obstacle course allowed; no pushing, shoving, pulling, etc. and no use of obstacle course differently then instructed.

5.  If rest is needed, please move off the course as to not obstruct others.

6.  Profanity, obscene gestures and inappropriate language is prohibited.

7.  Proper attire is required on obstacle course. No Jeans. No cleats. Boots are subject to staff inspection.

8.  No dumping trash on course. Please keep areas free of trash.

9.  If obstacle  is being used, the first to the obstacle is next in line or simply go around obstacle.

10. Have fun. Enjoy yourself, and think safety above everything else. Common sense goes a long way.

11. Notify the staff if any obstacles might need attention.


THE HERD FEEDER:  This obstacle challenges you to jump, or climb in and out of feeder. At no time should an athlete attempt to clear the feeder completely with out entering and  touching land and exi+++ting again.

TIRES TIRES TIRES:  Did any one say tires? Quick feet, good balance, is this high school foot ball all over again? Pick a color and as quick as possible get in and out of each tire.

THE  WALL:  Climb over either the 5,8,9 foot wall. Using your hands and feet to help you over.

MILITARY ATTACK:  Stay low and below the bob-wire; the enemy is shooting and you don’t want to get shot.  Once your committed do not stop, stand, or attempt to go back, keep going till you are out of the hole. These three-cautions mentioned must be followed otherwise injury may occur!  The average length for this obstacle ranges between 20 to 40 feet.

TIRE JUMPS: Jump over different size tires as you come to them. The key here is to try not to use your hands but clear tires completely as they present themselves.

THE LADDER: Pick your color climb up and down from one side to other as quick as possible. Do not jump down from ladder and one person at-a-time on each ladder.

Keep you eyes open for more obstacles to come!!!!


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