Fit 4 Life Farm


Obstacle Course

This obstacle course, known as “Adrenaline Course”, was designed to get your pulse moving with various levels to pick from. It is fun, a great work-out, and challenging.  We use a different color for each level of difficulty; Blue (less difficult), Red (more difficult), and Black (most difficult).  One lap on the course equals approximately one mile, so you can add a lap or another distance according to your individual goal.


Sports Field

This field is 100 yards by 70 yards, ideal for various type of sports, like soccer, flag football, ultimate Frisbee, field races, special events, and so much more.


The Box

This is the place where people and CrossFit enthusiasts get together to perform their WOD (Workout of the Day). It’s our gym.  CrossFit Glorified, located in Limestone, Tennessee offers ropes, rings, lifting ramps, racks, plates, bars, weights, and so much more.  CrossFit Glorified can become home for all your fitness goals.


Off Road Bike Course:

Dirt, technical turns down hills and small up hills great place to get another form of training in. Come check it out.




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