Adrenaline Run


OCR (Obstacle Course Race) Adrenaline Run.

Through the years we have provided a challenging course for the obstacle course lover.  Whether you are an  adult or registering your kid the courses have been designed for an exciting adventure. This year we have added 3 levels to choose from.  You select your course  level for the perfect level of challenge.  You can gather your friends and build a team  or choose to face the course solo.  Either way this great atmosphere builds teamwork and encourages friendly competition.

Level 1 – One lap on the obstacle course 2.5-3.5 miles (recommended for kids and newcomers to OCR)

Level 2 – 2 laps around obstacle course with added fitness stations (Not recommended for young kids. Some experience with OCR and trains 3-5x a week.)

Level 3 – 3 laps around obstacle course with added fitness stations and other challenging undertakings (recommended for more experienced OCR athletes who train 4-6x a week)

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Remember we run for a cause Mountain Vision Ministries- a benevolence ministry that is carried out by supplying individuals tangible needs, which in turn, opens the door for a trustworthy friendship that later can be used to attend to their spiritual needs.



Venue Location: 2704 Old State Route 34, Limestone 37681  The landmarks  that you will see when you have arrived are: the mailbox on a bike, the gravel driveway and the Fit 4 Life & CrossFit Glorified sign.

Volunteers:  Must arrive by 7:45 am -Bring an umbrella.  All volunteers must complete a media release.

Registration begins at 8:30am on a first come first serve basis.  To speed the process bring your completed registration forms.  All participants must complete the following REGISTRATION_FORMS_ASSUMPTION_OF_RISK__ Note if a participant is 17 or under they must have parental consent and signed forms by a legal guardian.

Parking:  Is free.  Please follow the directions given by our parking volunteer.

RX/Scaled Course Details:

  • RX: All “Black Obstacles” when available
  • Scaled: Either Blue & Red
  • Failure to complete an obstacle or being assisted results in:
  • 15 Burpee Penalty per obstacle  for those doing the adults course
  • 5 Burpee penalty per obstacle for ages 5-8

Heats:  Race begins at 9 am with the children ages 5-8 years old hitting the course first.  Next heat will go at 9:30 and then 9:45 am.

Hashtags/Social Media:  Please post your pictures and share stories Used the following hastags

  • #adrenalineruntn
  • #fit4lifefarm

Suggested items to bring or wear:

  • all terrain running shoes (not required)
  • full change of clothes
  • towel
  • change of shoes/sandals
  • gloves
  • sunscreen

Hose-Shower Area: Will be available for participants.

Spectators:  Are welcomed.  There is no charge for spectators.  Note they are not allowed on the course or on any of the obstacles.  At a certain point the gates maybe closed to ensure the safety of our participants.

Shirts:   Want an Event Shirt available for $15 but you must order it when registering.

Hydration Stations:  There will be two  on the course.  One on the sports field and the other in the box/barn.

Each racer will be given a fruit (banana) at the end of the race.

Items for sale:  Bottled water and FitAid

Remember 10% of the proceeds will benefit Mountain Vision Ministries.  If anyone would like to make additional donations please feel free to do so.

We are going to have a blast!  ​

Fit 4 Life Farmhome of CrossFit Glorified​
​2704 Old State Route 34, Limestone 37681​
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Embrace the challenge; experience the change