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CrossFit Glorified is dedicated to bringing elite level fitness and nutrition to Washington County and its surrounding areas. CrossFit, by design, delivers fitness that is broad, general, and inclusive to everyone. Our goal is constant progress for our clients. We strive to make everyone’s fitness goals a reality. Everyone deserves the right to elite fitness in a community atmosphere that is both warm and welcoming.

Our goal is to be a one-of-a-kind box in the Washington County area. Located in Limestone on a 20-acre farm, near the Washington/Greene County line we are easily accessible. Our mission is simply to change lives through fitness.

We encourage our coaches to be certified in as many areas as possible. Presently, we have certifications in CrossFit Level 1 and various CF certifications. As we continue to grow we are always trying to learn more so that we can be the best coaching facility possible.

We take pride in creating a warm and comfortable environment for EVERYONE. All fitness levels are welcome at Glorified. The health and fitness, not to mention progress, of every member is our main focus. Not just those that compete but everyone’s goals no matter if you compete or not.

MSH_AMB03942CrossFit is for everyone. From the young to the very old, from the granddaughter, to the grandmother. It’s not just about looking great, it’s about being able to lift up your kids when you are old without hurting your lower back. It’s about your yearly physical coming back with numbers that haven’t been seen since your high school days. It’s about getting fit and having a blast doing it!!!!

What are you waiting for…See you at Glorified!!!

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