Babes as Barbells


Babes as Barbells

CrossFit Glorified is please to announce this wonderful program for caregivers with small children, whether your little one is an infant or toddler, here’s an intro to an active healthy lifestyle. Adults will be able to workout and include their little ones. This mommy and me (Daddy & me or Nana & me) class children get first choosing to be active, making memories with their loved one and get a positive and fun association with an active lifestyle at a young age. There will be no barbells in this class as little ones will be lifted and played with and serve as the weights.

Class begin January 8th 2019 on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 2-2:45

Cost is $50 for just this class or add an additional day to any of our other CrossFit programs for $65/per month.

Register now for Babes as Barbells Only  or  Babes as Barbells &  1 more  class/per week



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